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Issue #101
November, 2003


METROPOLIS: Lang > < Rintaro

Bill Cooke reviews Kino on Video's breathtaking new restoration of Fritz Lang's 1927 science fiction masterpiece—and compares and contrasts it with Rintaro's dazzling 2001 anime interpretation from Columbia TriStar! An illuminating text with numerous frame-to-frame image comparisons!

DVD Spotlight: 28 DAYS LATER...

It's like all three of George A. Romero's "Living Dead" films boiled down into one relentless nightmare! Kim Newman reviews the latest from TRAINSPOTTING director Danny Boyle, which he calls "The best British film in its genre since RAW MEAT (1973)!"

Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks

This month, just for fun, Joe Dante screens the late '60s/early '70s films of Elvis Presley and Charlton Heston: CHANGE OF HEART, THE HAWAIIANS, NUMBER ONE, THE OMEGA MAN, SKYJACKED and THE TROUBLE WITH GIRLS!


Reviews of Charles Bronson's 10 TO MIDNIGHT, the Arthur Bernède adaptation BELPHEGORPHANTOM OF THE LOUVRE, Jess Franco's THE DEVIL CAME FROM AKASAVA and X-312 FLIGHT TO HELL, Boris Karloff in THE DEVIL COMMANDS, Clive Barker's HELLRAISER: HELLSEEKER, kinky Japanese offerings MIDNIGHT WHISPERS and THE PORNOGRAPHERS, Herman Cohen's TARGET EARTH and more!

But wait! There's MORE!!!

In-Depth Reviews

Including the new Marvel Comics adaptation DAREDEVIL, Spaghetti Westerns FIND A PLACE TO DIE, ANY GUN CAN PLAY and the Dario Argento-scripted TODAY WE KILL... TOMORROW WE DIE!, wild drive-in favorite I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, three volumes of the stylish anime NOIR, H.G. Clouzot's decadent thriller QUAI DES ORFEVRES, Akira Kurosawa's RED BEARD, Something Weird nudie cuties SINDERELLA AND THE GOLDEN BRA and Herschell Gordon Lewis' GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BARES, Peter Bogdanovich's Karloff classic TARGETS, the conspiracy thriller satire WINTER KILLS—and IMPORT reviews of BOUNCE KO GALS and Toho's "Dracula Trilogy": LEGACY OF DRACULATHE BLOODTHIRSTY DOLL, LAKE OF DRACULA and EVIL OF DRACULA!

Still MORE!

Audio Watchdog

Douglas E. Winter on Brian Eno and the rise of ambient film scores!

Biblio Watchdog

Anthony Ambrogio reviews Arthur Lennig's THE IMMORTAL COUNT: THE LIFE & FILMS OF BELA LUGOSI, and Tim Lucas reviews Kent Byron Armstrong's SLASHER FILMS!


The return of WATCHDOG NEWS and more!

Other writers appearing in VW #101: Stephen R. Bissette, John Charles, Shane M. Dallmann, Kim Newman, Richard Harland Smith, Rebecca & Sam Umland and David White!