Issue #104
February 2004

Esotika Erotika Psicotika: A Beginner's Guide to the Best Euro Lounge Soundtracks

Perhaps you know the names of the all-time greats—Morricone, Piccione, Cipriani, Umiliani—but where should you begin as a collector? Euro soundtrack authority John Bender defines the territory and provides some valuable pointers in an absorbing new essay! Dozens of essential releases discussed!


Tim Lucas on Jonathan Mostow's action-packed addition to the James Cameron/Arnold Schwarzenegger franchise, now available from Warner Home Video as a two-disc DVD!

Plus! VW's Regular Features...

Dog Bytes

Info-packed capsule reviews of Greg Kinnear as sex-addicted Bob Crane in AUTO FOCUS... Klaus Kinski is stalked by his twin brother in THE BLOODY DEAD and CREATURE WITH THE BLUE HAND... angora-clad Charlotte Austin gets pawed by Spanky the Gorilla in the Ed Wood-scripted THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST... Don Knotts spends the night in a haunted house in THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN... Karena Lam is plagued by visions of ghosts in the HK thriller INNER SENSES... James Best holds giant rodents at bay in THE KILLER SHREWS... you'll believe an iguana is a T Rex (maybe, maybe not) in Bert I. Gordon's KING DINOSAUR... the Sasquatch stalks Arkansas in THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK... Al Adamson and Leon Klimovsky "collaborate" on MEAN MOTHER... Mexico's masked wrestling hero returns in SANTO CONTRO LA HIJA DE FRANKENSTEIN and SANTO EN EL HACHA DIABOLICA... Euro favorite Michel Lemoine becomes obsessed with a woman's portrait and flips out in SEVEN WOMEN FOR SATAN... and strange creatures run amok in the "Yokai Monsters" trilogy SPOOK WARFARE, 100 MONSTERS and ALONG WITH GHOSTS!

Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks

In the 21st installment of this popular column, Joe screens the long-unavailable screen adaptation of Richard Fariña's BEEN DOWN SO LONG IT LOOKS LIKE UP TO ME... Bob Clark's Ed Gein-inspired DERANGED... Toho's popular monster rally DESTROY ALL MONSTERS... Melanie Griffith's mother getting naked for Don Johnson in THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT... Lee Van Cleef shooting up the screen in the Spaghetti Western SABATA... and Bonnie Bedelia in the low-budget MISERY template THE STRANGE VENGEANCE OF ROSALIE!


In-depth reviews of Blue Underground's new Larry Cohen trilogy of BONE, GOD TOLD ME TO and Q THE WINGED SERPENT... the modern day vampire angst of COLD HEARTS... the French-set Spanish horror of DEVIL'S KISS... Philip K. Dick adapted to the screen once again in IMPOSTOR... Malcolm McDowell gets real ugly in ISLAND OF THE DEAD... Christopher Walken in his first major adult role in THE MIND SNATCHERS... wrestling women, heart surgery and reverse evolution in NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES (plus co-feature, Emilio Vieyra's FEAST OF FLESH)... Charlton Heston watches WOODSTOCK and still has time to kill vampires, bed Rosalind Cash and save Richie in THE OMEGA MAN... Santo returns to save Earth from alien attack in SANTO VS. LA INVASION DE LOS MARCIANOS... Michael Findlay's notorious SNUFF ("Made in South America—where life is CHEAP!")... Roger Corman's elegiac THE TOMB OF LIGEIA (and co-feature AN EVENING OF EDGAR ALLAN POE)... Sonny Bono sprouts foliage in the mind-boggling TROLL (plus its even more mind-boggling co-feature, the Italian-made TROLL 2)... and Radley Metzger adds skin to the French '50s sexploitation classic THE TWILIGHT GIRLS!


Import DVD reviews of the Shaw Brothers' sex-and-violence HK classic INTIMATE CONFESSIONS OF A CHINESE COURTESAN... the excellent South Korean techno-horror PHONE... and the German sexploitation items TRAIN STATION PICKUPS (with Katja Bienert) and Ernst Hofbauer's WHAT SCHOOLGIRLS DON'T TELL (aka SECRETS OF SWEET SIXTEEN)!

Audio Watchdog

Douglas E. Winter on the introductory releases of the new Digitmovies label, including the long-awaited soundtracks of Fellini's TOBY DAMMIT/SATYRICON/ROMA (Nino Rota)... the alternate score for the Italian release of Godard's CONTEMPT (Piero Piccioni)... PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING (Stelvio Cipriani)... CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT (Manuel De Sica)... KILLING BIRDS (Carlo Maria Cordio)... WAX MASK (Maurizio Abeni)... and the Mario Bava classic PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES (Gino Mariunuzzi, Jr.)! Plus Hexacord's "Wizards of Sound" tributes to Ennio Morricone and Alessandro Alessandroni!

Biblio Watchdog

Reviews of the third edition of Michael R. Pitts' HORROR FILM STARS and the second, expanded edition of Beverly Gray's ROGER CORMAN biography!

And MUCH, MUCH MORE, including the most informative letters column anywhere! And it's all in FULL COLOR!

Other contributors to this exciting issue: Anthony Ambrogio, John Charles, Bill Cooke, Shane M. Dallmann, Kim Newman, Richard Harland Smith and Sam & Rebecca Umland!

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