Issue #108
June 2004

The Poetic Universe of GEORGES FRANJU

Never Before in English! L'ECRAN FANTASTIQUE founder Alain Schlockoff interviews the father of French horror-fantasy about his classics EYES WITHOUT A FACE (1960), JUDEX (1963) and SHADOWMAN (1974)!

DVD Spotlight: Rediscovering POLANSKI

Kim Newman revels in a wealth of Roman Polanski titles now available on DVD, including KNIFE IN THE WATER (1962), REPULSION (1965), CUL-DE-SAC (1966), WHAT? (1974), THE PIANIST (2002) and eight early short films!

Dog Bytes

Frank Agrama brings out the gore of ancient Egypt in DAWN OF THE MUMMY... William Sanderson explodes the limits of political correctness in FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE... Juliana Margulies and Gabriel Byrne seek treasure aboard a GHOST SHIP... a "Big G" triple feature of GODZILLA VS. MEGAGUIRUS, GODZILLA MOTHRA AND KING GHIDORAH: GIANT MONSTERS ALL-OUT ATTACK and GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA... Dyanne Thorne stars in the pre-ILSA sleazefest LOVE ME LIKE I DO... San Francisco horror host John Stanley writes and directs a NIGHTMARE IN BLOOD... Andreas Schnaas gets medieval in NIKOS THE IMPALER... Carlo Collodi meets THE JETSONS in PINOCCHIO IN OUTER SPACE... Laurence Payne and Adrienne Corri star in the Brian Clemens' scripted shocker THE TELL-TALE HEART... Jess Franco attends the jungle rhythms of VOODOO PASSION (aka DER RUF DER BLONDEN GOTTIN)... and Arch Hall Sr. satirizes late night TV talk shows in THE WEIRD ONES.

Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks

Dick Van Dyke pays tribute to silent comedy in the cult feature THE COMIC... Christina Lindberg gets in your face in the West German sexploitation comedy LOVE IN 3-D... Reggie Nalder painfully produces the confessions of witches in MARK OF THE DEVIL and MARK OF THE DEVIL, PART II... Kurt Russell goes back to Medfield College for Disney's NOW YOU SEE HIM, NOW YOU DON'T... and Isaac Hayes is a baaaad mutha (shut your mouth!) in TRUCK TURNER! Can you dig it?


In-depth reviews of Bruno Bozzetto's animation classic ALLEGRO NON TROPPO... a flesh-eating virus is no vacation for the stars of CABIN FEVER... Chuck Barris goes from GONG SHOW host to CIA hit man in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND... George A. Romero's zombie classic goes five channels in Anchor Bay's new "Divimax" 5.1 release of DAWN OF THE DEAD... Paul Naschy offers an interesting approach to Bram Stoker's classic character in DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE... Jess Franco gets his biggest budget in twenty years in the curiously campy horror drama FACELESS... Pakistan enters the horror film sweepstakes with THE LIVING CORPSE... Evans Chan Yiu-shing charts human geography in the thought-provoking THE MAP OF SEX AND LOVE... Keanu Reeves plugs back into black for THE MATRIX RELOADED, while various filmmakers explore Matrix terrain in short form in THE ANIMATRIX... Lon Chaney is unmasked, and unmasked again, in two distinct versions of his classic THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA... Ajita Wilson rules over a women's prison with a leather whip in SADOMANIA... Plus! Import reviews of new releases of Dario Argento's THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE and TENEBRAE... the 3D HK thriller THE PARK... and Jackie Chan faces the undead in THE TWINS EFFECT!

Biblio Watchdog

Brett Taylor reviews Stefan Jaworzyn's THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE COMPANION!

Audio Watchdog

Douglas E. Winter listens to the latest from Ennio Morricone... Daniele Luppi's delirious Eurocult pastiche album AN ITALIAN STORY... and new titles from Film Score Monthly, including LOGAN'S RUN: TELEVISION!

Another amazing issue of great features, more than 50 reviews, plus an all-star Letterbox including correspondence from actress Katja Bienert, DVD producer David Szulkin and others! 80 pages sumptuously presented in full color!

Other contributors to this issue: John Charles, Bill Cooke, Shane M. Dallmann, Frédéric Albert Lévy, Charlie Largent, Tim Lucas and Sam & Rebecca Umland.