September 2004
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UNIVERSAL'S MONSTERS: A Legacy of Blood, Fur & Electricity

Bill Cooke reviews Universal's "Legacy Collection" box sets and throws the switch on an informative, action-packed overview of the DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN and WOLF MAN series—fourteen films in all! And wait till you see the rare (in some cases, never-before-published) stills and artwork courtesy of The Del Valle Archive! You'll be blown to atoms!

Re-Arranging the RUE MORGUE

You've probably seen Robert Florey's Universal terror classic starring Bela Lugosi... but did you know that it was re-edited against the director's wishes prior to its 1932 release? In this article, Tim Lucas suggests an alternative editing scheme (using the timecodes of Universal's out-of-print laserdisc) that may bring Florey's foiled intentions into sharper focus!

Dog Bytes (Capsule Reviews)

Forrest J Ackerman hosts THE CREEP, the first DTV episode of 13 O'CLOCK THEATER... Bela Lugosi avenges himself on being retired from the cologne racket in THE DEVIL BAT... Deborah Kerr wants to join the Irish Republican Army in I SEE A DARK STRANGER... John Cusack and Ray Liotta star in the shocker IDENTITY... Alec Guinness, Herbert Lom and Peter Sellers connive to steal £60,000 in THE LADYKILLERS... wholesome DTV sorcery and mysticism rule in MAX MAGICIAN AND THE LEGEND OF THE RINGS... Tom Mix takes his last gallop in the serial THE MIRACLE RIDER... various macabre short films compose NIGHT OF THE YARDSALE MONKEY... Susan Penhaligon cares for a comatose telepath in PATRICK... the adult film industry is profiled, black socks and all, in RED, WHITE & BLUE... Hong Kong cinema's CHARLIE'S ANGELS clone SO CLOSE ... Tony Leung stars in WATER MARGIN: THE TRUE COLORS OF HEROES, a remake of the Shaw Brothers' 1972 classic PURSUIT... and Ichi the Blind returns in ZATOICHI 5: ON THE ROAD, ZATOICHI 6: ZATOICHI AND THE CHEST OF GOLD, and ZATOICHI 7: ZATOICHI'S FLASHING SWORD!

Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks

JCliff Robertson scores with Pamela Franklin in ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES... Amicus sets a horror anthology in a looney bin in ASYLUM... British spy sexploitation rules in BIG ZAPPER... John Wayne meets Bruce Dern in THE COWBOYS... Roy Thinnes meets his doppelganger in the Gerry Anderson production JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN... and Pamela Franklin returns to join a coven ruled by putty-nosed Orson Welles in Bert I. Gordon's NECROMANCY!

DVDs (In-Depth Reviews)

Warhol protégé Edie Sedgwick gets her moment of glory in CIAO! MANHATTAN... CLASSIC DICK TRACY MOVIES collects DICK TRACY VS. CUEBALL, DICK TRACY'S DILEMMA and DICK TRACY MEETS GRUESOME (starring Boris Karloff as guess who!)... Toilet Seat Girl becomes Grim Reaper in DEAD LIKE ME—THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON... Jess Franco dances with Miss Death in THE DIABOLICAL DR. Z... a nuclear-armed warship reverts through time to the day before the attack on Pearl Harbor in THE FINAL COUNTDOWN... Osamu Tezuka's JUNGLE EMPEROR LEO, the anime classic that may have inspired Disney's THE LION KING... Sleazeploitation trailer narrator Joel Holt earns a black belt, but not in filmmaking, in KARATE: THE HAND OF DEATH... Mary Woronov stars in a sci-fi twist on an old Cukor favorite in THE NEW WOMEN... Francis Coppola sends out a refurbished edition of his '70s musical fantasy ONE FROM THE HEART... Criterion offers a definitive edition of Kaneto Shindo's erotic horror masterpiece ONIBABA... Klaus Kinski smokes a full pack while ogling Rosalba Neri and Margaret Lee in SLAUGHTER HOTEL... home video jumps on the summer blockbuster bandwagon with Universal's animated VAN HELSING: THE LONDON ASSIGNMENT and the unauthorized (but Stoker-crediting knock-off) THE ADVENTURES OF YOUNG VAN HELSING: QUEST FOR THE LOST SCEPTER... Antonio Bido joins forces with Herman Cohen in the giallo WATCH ME WHEN I KILL... and VW discovers new layers at the bottom of the barrel in a triple feature review of Nathan Schiff's 8mm messterpieces WEASELS RIP MY FLESH, LONG ISLAND CANNIBAL MASSACRE and THEY DON'T CUT THE GRASS ANYMORE! Plus IMPORT reviews of HEX (the latest from the Chinese director of KILLER SNAKES) and the Japanese jolter JU-ON: THE GRUDGE 2!

Audio Watchdog

Douglas E. Winter reviews the latest soundtrack releases from BT (MONSTER), Francesco de Masi (INDIA), Mario Nascimbene (FOOTPRINTS IN JAZZ) and more!

Biblio Watchdog


All this and much more!

Including a lengthy and eye-opening "Letterbox" report on scenes missing from Warner Home Video's incomplete DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (1941)!

Make no mistake: No horror fan worth his blood, fur and electricity can afford to miss VIDEO WATCHDOG #111!