May 2005
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The Prosperities of Vice:
An Unholy Three By Jess Franco

          Tim Lucas essays three of Franco's earliest Sadean works: MARQUIS DE SADE'S JUSTINE, EUGENIE... THE STORY OF HER JOURNEY INTO PERVERSION, and THE BLOODY JUDGE!

DVD Spotlight: Franco's 101 Women

     There is still more Franco to be found as we review the seminal WIP movie 99 WOMEN, the Sax Rohmer pastiche THE GIRL FROM RIO, and the psychedelic fan favorite VENUS IN FURS! Also in this issue's "Import" review section, reviews of Franco's "monster rally" movies Drácula contra Frankenstein (aka THE SCREAMING DEAD) and Ein Jungfrauen in den Krallen von Frankenstein (aka THE EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN)!

Watchdog News

     By Popular Demand! VW's News department returns with information about Columbia's 50th Anniversary GODZILLA releases... a look at some interesting Italian DVD releases, including a couple of early films photographed by none other than Mario Bava... and a report card assessing the quality of the 8 movies comprising Volumes 1 and 2 of Rhino Home Video's HORRIBLE HORRORS!

Dog Bytes

     Vic Morrow and Fred Williamson take action in 1990: BRONX WARRIORS... Gwen Verdon vies for the soul of Tab Hunter in DAMN YANKEES... Dennis Weaver tries to lose a tailgater in Steven Spielberg's DUEL... Roger Corman crosses the finish line first in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS... Jayne Mansfield falls for Tom Ewell because THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT... Tom Hanks makes his big screen debut in the '80s slasher pic HE KNOWS YOU'RE ALONE... Meet a vampire slayer named Alucard in the anime HELLSING: COMPLETE COLLECTION... Sonny Chiba graduates from bulls to bears in KARATE BEARFIGHTER and then fights blood-bathing demon women in LEGEND OF THE EIGHT SAMURAI... Ulli Lommel takes Suzanna Love into Hitchcock territory in the VERTIGO-like OLIVIA... a comatose patient wreaks mental havoc in the extremely graphic Italian rip-off PATRICK STILL LIVES... two different silent film adaptations of THE STUDENT OF PRAGUE... a J-Horror DTV series reaches its conclusion with TOMIE: FORBIDDEN FRUIT... and George Stover polishes his stake and sharpens his crucifix before going up against the VAMPIRE SISTERS!

Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks

     This month, Joe's grindhouse retrospective reviews favor the Old West as "Alan Smithee" directs Richard Widmark in DEATH OF A GUNFIGHTER... Rock Hudson saves Sylva Koscina from being raped by a bunch of horny teens (then rapes her himself) in HORNETS' NEST... Omar Sharif presides over a brutal and unusual game in THE HORSEMEN... Mary Woronov stars with fellow Warhol Factory alumni (and John Carradine!) in token horror title SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT... Swiss filmmaker Erwin C. Dietrich offers a new definition of "layover" in THE SWINGIN' STEWARDESSES... Gary Graver directs and photographs the obscure exploitationer THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL... and John Wayne saddles up with Ann-Margret in THE TRAIN ROBBERS!


     Subterranean film noir in the Chinese import BLIND SHAFT... Danny Elfman does Cab Calloway while Susan Tyrell does Hervé Villechaize in FORBIDDEN ZONE... Tong Lung doubles Bruce Lee and also plays his brother in the delirious GAME OF DEATH II... Japan's biggest export stomps his old stomping grounds in GODZILLA: TOKYO S.O.S.... Paul Naschy rules in a special two-disc set devoted to one of his scariest films, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB... three schlocky '50s sci-fi films are assembled for HORRORS FROM SPACE COLLECTION (TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE, PHANTOM FROM SPACE and KILLERS FROM SPACE)... LIFEFORCE is given an anime remake (sort of) in KIMERA... ambitious anime culminates in a massive WTF ending in NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: DEATH & REBIRTH and THE END OF EVANGELION... Paul Naschy makes an extraordinary comeback in the new ROJO SANGRE... Misty Mundae loses her virginity to a crucifix in SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR LUST... a bunch of slackers eventually arise to the occasion of saving humanity from a zombie takeover in SHAUN OF THE DEAD... H.G. Wells follows Jack the Ripper into the disco era in TIME AFTER TIME... and a woman possessed by evil forces is compelled to commit murders in the South Korean period fantasy THE LEGEND OF THE EVIL LAKE!

Audio Watchdog

    Douglas E. Winter reviews Digitmovies' new two-disc set of Bruno Nicolai's EUGENIE DE SADE '70 (containing his music for EUGENIE... THE STORY OF HER JOURNEY INTO PERVERSION and other Franco films of the early '70s) and the latest "Bruno Nicolai in Giallo" disc, LA CODA DELLO SCORPIONE! Also, Locust Music's soundtrack of the classic Cornel Wilde adventure THE NAKED PREY!

All this... plus Bob Burns' report on Paul Blaisdell's unheralded contributions to TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE... and much, much more!

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