October / November 2005
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Found & Lost?

Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, the phonograph... and the American horror film! Stephen R. Bissette reviews this 1910 relic, as it appears on a short-lived, already out-of-print DVD release, and ponders how the recent death of preservationist Alois F. Detlaff, Sr. will affect this once-lost film's future availability!


Steven Lloyd returns to our pages with a detailed appraisal of the 56 cartoons included in Warner Home Video's first box set of the classic Warner Bros. cartoons! Next issue: the second box!


Bill Cooke cracks the shrinkwrap on Criterion's deluxe edition of David Cronenberg's prophetic tale of techno-terror!

Dog Bytes

Capsule reviews of Ray Dennis Steckler's noir tribute BODY FEVER... Joy Houck Jr.'s BOGGY CREEK knock-off CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE... Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Barbara Steele interpret an uncredited H.P. Lovecraft story in CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTAR... John Turturro seeks the answers to his wife's random murder in the Hubert Selby-scripted FEAR X... Halle Berry stars in the Dark Castle-produced GOTHIKA... MGM releases yet another disc of Dan Curtis' THE NIGHT STALKER / THE NIGHT STRANGLER... the gruesome South Korean mystert OLDBOY... the return of BEYOND THE DOOR producer Ovidio Assonitis in the giallo-like RED RIDING HOOD... a detective tries to find out why 54 schoolgirls would join hands and leap onto the tracks before an oncoming train in SUICIDE CLUB... Buster Crabbe ogles burly-q queen Ann Corio in the Retromedia double feature WHITE HUNTRESS and JUNGLE SIREN... Millie Perkins sharpens her blade to deal with some football players in THE WITCH WHO CAME FROM THE SEA... Ichi the Blind returns in ZATOICHI 13: ZATOICHI'S VENGEANCE and ZATOICHI 15: ZATOICHI'S CANE SWORD... a marbles championship assumes unsuspected importance in the enchanting Mexican fantasy ZURDO... all this, plus remarks on the box set releases of FIREBALL XL-5... MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV'S STORIES FROM MY CHILDHOOD... TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED SET 1... THE TWILIGHT ZONE - THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION, SEASON 1... and THE TWILIGHT ZONE - SEASON 1 1985 -86!

Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks

Joe is back with vintage trade magazine reviews of the Lee Van Cleef/Warren Oates Western BARQUERO... football pro Terry Carter turns detective in the blaxploitation item BOOTS TURNER... John Carradine, Robert Dix and other Al Adamson vets rev up for a slice of Civil War bloodshed called CAIN'S WAY... Sibylla Kay is the perky au pair girl in Tigon's MONIQUE... George Hilton and Klaus Kinski shoot up the West (West Germany, that is) in THE RUTHLESS FOUR... and an all-star cast turns topsy-turvy in the Irwin Allen disaster epic THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE!


In-depth reviews of Patty McCormack as THE BAD SEED... Marc Singer talks to the animals in THE BEASTMASTER... John Daniels sweet-talks some red hot mamas in BLACK SHAMPOO... Christina Ricci survives a werewolf bite in CURSED (unrated version, of course)... Pierce Brosnan finds himself seduced by the lifestyle of those who worship Kali the Destroyer in THE DECEIVERS... Peter Fonda leans on the speedometer in the '70s drive-in classics DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY and RACE WITH THE DEVIL... Tyrone Power drinks until he becomes a pathetic sideshow act in NIGHTMARE ALLEY... Lee Marvin rescues Sissy Spacek from meat-eating Gene Hackman in PRIME CUT... and alien lifeforms are shoved down the throats of the unsuspecting in STARSHIP TROOPERS 2: HERO OF THE FEDERATION (would you like to know more?)


In-depth reviews of Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasence in the Brian Eno-scored THE DEVIL'S MEN... the "Dark Tales" of author Pu Songling are adapted in the Hong Kong omnibus FAIRY, GHOST, VIXEN... and Jim Mitchum joins the ranks of Eurocult stars in the early Sergio Martino Western MASSACRE AT GRAND CANYON (available as a German DVD import under the title KEINEN CENT FÜR RINGOS KOPF)!

Audio Watchdog

Douglas E. Winter stops watching the skies long enough to review Film Score Monthly's exciting new soundtracks of THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD and the 1970's remake of KING KONG (John Barry)!

Biblio Watchdog

Ramsey Campbell joins the VW Kennel with a review of BEATING THE DEVIL: THE MAKING OF NIGHT OF THE DEMON by Tony Earnshaw... and Bill Cooke reviews Roy Webber's THE DINOSAUR FILMS OF RAY HARRYHAUSEN!

...and much more!

Other contributors to this issue: Liz Bradford, John Charles, Shane M. Dallmann, Pete Fitzgerald, Charlie Largent, Tim Lucas, Kim Newman, Richard Harland Smith, and Sam & Rebecca Umland.

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