August 2007
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The Restored Director's Cut Examined

Joseph Losey's 1961 Hammer film was mutilated for its theatrical releases both here and abroad and then disappeared from circulation for more than 20 years. With Sony's fully restored version now showing on TCM and rumored for DVD release in the near future, Tim Lucas takes an in-depth look at what's been put back!



It's Kim Newman at the Movies as he reviews 20th Century Fox's second set of classic CHARLIE CHAN mysteries: AT THE CIRCUS, AT THE RACE TRACK, AT THE OPERA and AT THE OLYMPICS!

Watchdog News

    A detailed report on the differences between the Spanish and English language versions of the Mexican horror-exploitation film NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES!

Dog Bytes

    Capsule-length reviews of the recently rediscovered "lost" Herschell Gordon Lewis sexploiter THE ALLEY TRAMP and its companion feature OVER 18... AND READY... then a steep turn toward the refined and magisterial Powell & Pressburger classic A CANTERBURY TALE... followed by another extreme turn to Terence Hill and Bud Spencer as a couple of cops on the make in CRIME BUSTERS... the critically acclaimed health care satire THE DEATH OF MR. LAZARESCU... Mark Redfield ventures back to 19th century Baltimore to chronicle THE DEATH OF POE... the 1970s HK drive-in perennial FEARLESS FIGHTERS... India's first Miss World is terrorized by a man who won't stay dead in the Bollywood suspenser THE FOG... Godzilla returns to stomp Tokyo as well as Planet X in GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER and INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER... characters try to out-do one another in the Crazy department in MACHINES OF LOVE AND HATE... Ralph Fiennes teams with David Cronenberg for a memorable portrait of schizophrenia in SPIDER... and Nicolas Cage takes a most peculiar trip to Summersisle in Neil LaBute's remake of THE WICKER MAN! ("Oh, no! Not the bees! Not the bees!")

Things From the Attic

    Richard Harland Smith emerges from a candle-lit trip into the upper tiers of his domicile with a three-part tribute to the films of Al Mulock and Pedro Mari Sánchez: FLYING FROM THE HAWK, REFUGE OF FEAR and A WITCH WITHOUT A BROOM!


    In-depth reviews of John Gulager's FEAST: UNRATED and James Gunn's equally slimy SLITHER... Joseph Cotten steals a million dollars bound for destruction to fund a new uprising of the Confederacy in THE HELLBENDERS... Tony Kendall and Brad Harris co-star in the trilogy of films composing THE KOMMISSAR X COLLECTION (KISS KISS... KILL KILL, SO DARLING SO DEADLY, and DEATH IS NIMBLE DEATH IS QUICK)... Gordon Liu wields the LEGENDARY WEAPONS OF CHINA... Retromedia pays tribute to a worthy subject in THE LON CHANEY COLLECTION (including MANFISH and INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN)... Lloyd Nolan embodies Brett Halliday's pulp hero in MICHAEL SHAYNE MYSTERIES VOLUME 1 (MICHAEL SHAYNE PRIVATE DETECTIVE, THE MAN WHO WOULDN'T DIE, SLEEPERS WEST and BLUE WHITE AND PERFECT)... Martin Landau and Barbara Bain accept dangerous assignments from Steven Hill in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: THE COMPLETE FIRST TV SEASON... Tyler Tharp keeps the spirit of '70s horror alive in RETURN IN RED... strange things happen in a very peculiar way in THE COMPLETE SHORT FILMS OF DAVID LYNCH... Elliott Gould cuts in on a bank robbery to the intense displeasure of THE SILENT PARTNER... a New Yorker runs afoul of a voodoo sorcerer in SLIME CITY... variations of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Ape Man drops his loin cloth in the double feature TARZ, JANE & CHEETA and TARZUN AND THE VALLEY OF LUST... Elliot Ness cracks down on Prohibition era bootleggers in THE UNTOUCHABLES, SEASON 1, VOLUME 1, and AIP explores the dark side of the 1960s youth culture in WILD IN THE STREETS and GAS-S-S-S!


Plus: HD-DVD reviews of Alfonso Cuaron's science fiction gem CHILDREN OF MEN and Ben Affleck as George "Superman" Reeves in HOLLYWOODLAND!


An Imports review of John Phillip Law's classic Spaghetti Western DEATH RIDES A HORSE!


Ramsey Campbell on Jean-Pierre Melville's newly restored masterpiece ARMY OF SHADOWS!


Audio Watchdog Douglas E. Winter on Percepto's essential new box set: MAD, MOD & MACABRE: THE RONALD STEIN COLLECTION, including the full scores for such cult favorites as ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS, PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES, DEMENTIA 13 and THE TERROR!


All this, and the proverbial much, much more!


Contributors to this issue: Ramsey Campbell, John Charles, Bill Cooke, Shane M. Dallmann, Sheldon Inkol, David Kalat, Charlie Largent, Tim Lucas, Kim Newman, Richard Harland Smith, Sam & Rebecca Umland and Douglas E. Winter.