September - November 2007
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Your Pocket Guide to the Rialto Krimi Series

Kim Newman patrols all 33 films of the delightfully grisly and wickedly humorous West German horror-crime sequence, now available in state-of-the-art transfers in eight import DVD box sets from TOBIS/UFA Home Entertainment! Illustrated with amazing images!



Sam Umland goes solo to pay homage to one of our favorite filmmakers, a realist who brought to the screen some of its most penetrating scenes of horror, fantasy and dark psychology. Covered in this article are Bergman's classics THE SEVENTH SEAL, SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT, and a number of nascent gems collected in Eclipse's box set EARLY BERGMAN!



David Lynch is back with one of his most maddening mysteries yet!
Kim Newman sorts through the rabbits to get to the core of this story of "A Woman in Trouble"!

Dog Bytes

Al Adamson takes fairy tales into the 21st century and sets the cinema back 100 years in CINDERELLA 2000... But do we stop there? No, we proceed to cover the Al Adamson double feature FIVE BLOODY GRAVES and NURSE SHERRI... then Raymond Briggs' proto-SHREK childrens' book becomes a TV miniseries in FUNGUS THE BOGEYMAN... Orlando James learns to outrun a gigantic crocodile in PRIMEVAL... Hayao Miyasaka animates the classic fable of PUSS 'N BOOTS... and James Houghton protects a dysfunctional family from supernatural attack in SUPERSTITION!

DVDs (In-depth reviews)

Glen Morgan remakes Bob Clark's other holiday classic BLACK CHRISTMAS... Bette Davis murders her twin sister to take her place in DEAD RINGER... Dan Grimaldi (THE SOPRANOS) invites women into his house and torches them alive in the sadistic '80s shocker DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE... more aspiring filmmakers try their hands at horror in the compilation FANGORIA BLOOD DRIVE II... Hammer Films features American actors in four film noir B-pictures: THE GLASS TOMB (John Ireland), PAID TO KILL (Dane Clark), Terence Fisher's TERROR STREET (Dan Duryea), and WINGS OF DANGER (Zachary Scott)... Kara Hui Ying-hung scintillates in the HK action comedy MY YOUNG AUNTIE... Joan Crawford concludes an impressive screen career with Herman Cohen's TROG... plus an HD review of the new remake of THE HITCHER, and an Import review of the Tony Anthony Spaghetti Western BLINDMAN, featuring Ringo Starr!

Ramsey's Rambles

This month, Ramsey continues his fling with Simone Signoret with a discussion of Jacques Becker's period crime thriller CASQUE D'OR!

Audio Watchdog

Douglas E. Winter spins some of the latest Italian movie soundtracks from Digitmovies, including SODOM AND GOMORRAH, WAR OF THE ZOMBIES and the Steve Reeves classic THE SLAVE!


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Contributors to this issue: Ramsey Campbell, John Charles, Bill Cooke, Shane M. Dallmann, Sheldon Inkol, Tim Lucas, Kim Newman, Richard Harland Smith, Sam & Rebecca Umland and Douglas E. Winter.