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February/March 2009

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A Video Watchdog Round Table Discussion

Maitland McDonagh
makes a long-overdue return to our pages to discuss, dissect and analyze Dario Argento’s latest release with
Tim Lucas, Kim Newman, Richard Harland Smith
and Brad Stevens.
Is it an unworthy disaster, a surrealist masterpiece,
or something in between?

DVD Spotlight
Three by Jean-Pierre Melville
    Rebecca and Sam Umland review the best of
Jean-Paul Belmondo and Lino Ventura in these
essential new releases from the master of French crime cinema:
LÉON MORIN, PRIEST, Le Doulos and Le Deuxième Souffle!
Plus Reviews of...
The TV remake of THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN... Ed Wood's bestiality romance THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST... William Cameron Menzies' CHANDU THE MAGICIAN with Bela Lugosi... Wong Kar-wei's captivating and imaginative romance CHUNGKING EXPRESS... the Ballardian and Australian CRASH TEST... the contemporary giallo DARKNESS SURROUNDS ROBERTA... J. Carrol Naish keeps DR. RENAULT'S SECRET... we apply some critical soap to DRACULA'S DIRTY DAUGHTER... Vincent Price presages his classic Poe performances in the 1940s melodrama DRAGONWYCK...  Miles Davis scores Louis Malle's directorial debut thriller ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS...  Horst Tappert organizes THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY... Roddy McDowall reanimates a golem in IT!... Charlotte Gainsbourg's tense household is overtaken by a LEMMING... Anthony Hopkins and a scary ventriloquist's dummy double talk their way through MAGIC...  THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB PRESENTS ANNETTE... Jacques Dutronc and Sophie Marceau make beautiful rhymes together in Andrzej Zulawski's MY NIGHTS ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOUR DAYS...  Gillian Hills stars in the surprisingly erotic Granada Television family entertainment THE OWL SERVICE... in the near future, rock music converts the masses to conformity in Peter Watkins' PRIVILEGE... Kathryn Harrold tends to a psychic patient in THE SENDER... Oliver Reed pursues Carol Lynley into THE SHUTTERED ROOM...  colors explode in the Wachovski Brothers' SPEED RACER... Ken Foree and Lynn Lowry return to the screen in SPLATTER DISCO... David Carradine stars in SUNDOWN: THE VAMPIRE IN RETREAT... Fred Olen Ray taps into the erotic side of anime in SUPER NINJA DOLL... an undead Elvis impersonator plays house in TRAILER PARK OF TERROR... and a strange albino ape turns amorous in THE WHITE GORILLA!
Ramsey Campbell
on the bizarre Turkish comedy-adventure KORKUSUZ KAPTAN SWING!

Books: Sam Umland reviews Taschen's latest piano-sized book THE INGMAR BERGMAN ARCHIVES, and Tim Lucas reviews Carl Wilson's LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE: A JOURNEY TO THE END OF TASTE.


All this and much, much MORE!

Other contributors featured in this issue:

Michael Barrett, John Charles, Bill Cooke, Shane M. Dallmann, Sheldon Inkol, Eric Somer, and Douglas E. Winter.