July 2003

EEGAH to Please: The Richard Kiel Interview

Tom Weaver corners everyone's favorite 7' 2" actor for a revealing, down-to-earth interview about his first screen role... as the bearded, lovesick caveman, EEGAH!

Watchdog News

All Import DVD news -- including the new Austrian DVD of Mario Bava's Blutige Seide [BLOOD AND BLACK LACE], and a wealth of new disc releases from the Swiss label VIP, including numerous important Jess Franco titles in definitive English presentations!

VHS/DVD-R Reviews

Feng Xiaogang directs Donald Sutherland and Paul Mazursky in the filmmaking satire BIG SHOT'S FUNERAL... Kane Hodder haunts the night as DARKWOLF... in darkest Africa, a two-fisted hero guards the interests of a beautiful heiress in the 1930's Universal serial JUNGLE JIM... a behind-the-scenes look at skin-trade stardom in the unrated documentary PORN STAR: THE LEGEND OF RON JEREMY... the slithering shocks of the DTV duo PYTHON and PYTHON II... surf-guitar king Dick Dale adds six-string fire to A SWINGIN' AFFAIR... and we survey exploitation at its most tasteless in THE WILD, WILD WORLD OF JAYNE MANSFIELD!

Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks

Grab your raincoats! It's "Adults Only" month in the Fleapit as Joe recites THE ABC'S OF MARRIAGE, dresses down THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES, and tussles with Russell in a quadruple dose of Russ Meyer features: CHERRY, HARRY AND RAQUEL, "FINDERS KEEPERS LOVERS WEEPERS," RUSS MEYER'S VIXEN! and THE SEVEN MINUTES!


Two by Peter Jackson (BAD TASTE and HEAVENLY CREATURES), two by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (KATZELMACHER and THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT) and two by Bob Clark (DERANGED and MURDER BY DECREE) are just the icing on the DVD review cake this month!

Also covered in this issue: the "personality horrors" double feature of THE ATTIC/CRAWLSPACE... giant grasshoppers run amok in Bert I. Gordon's BEGINNING OF THE END... the violent Spanish Western CUT-THROATS NINE... some unlucky critters get turned into Farmer Vincent's Fritters in MOTEL HELL... machine-gun-toting zombies take over Umberto Lenzi's NIGHTMARE CITY... Bruce Dern and his droids protect the last vestiges of Earthly nature in SILENT RUNNING... a "Sam, Rebecca and John Thumbland" review of Steve Oedekerk's THUMBTANIC, THE BLAIR THUMB and BAT THUMB... and the classic martial chivalry film, A TOUCH OF ZEN!

Audio Watchdog

Douglas E. Winter listens to Jean-Pierre Melville movie music (Le Circle Rouge, L'Armée des Ombras), as well as Thomas Bangalter's music for Gaspar Noé's Irrèversible, as well as some current and early work by Hans Zimmer, including TEARS OF THE SUN, THE PEACEMAKER, ANCIENT EVIL: SCREAM OF THE MUMMY and THE FRIGHTENING!

Biblio Watchdog

Reviews of Bill Landis & Michelle Clifford's long-awaited SLEAZOID EXPRESS book and the "McFarland Classic" trade paper edition of SCIENCE FICTION FILMS OF THE SEVENTIES by Craig W. Anderson!

Other reviewers contributing to VIDEO WATCHDOG #97: Anthony Ambrogio, Stephen R. Bissette, John Charles, Bill Cooke, Shane M. Dallmann, Joe Dante, Tim Lucas, Kim Newman, Richard Harland Smith, Nathaniel Thompson and Sam & Rebecca Umland.

This issue is in short supply!