September 2003


As Rick Schmidlin's "stills reconstruction" of Tod Browning's lost vampire opus comes to DVD, Gary D. Rhodes and Ryan Baker explore our ongoing fascination with a film we'll probably never see... and the attempts which have been made to reconstruct it!

Double Dog Dare: SOCIETY

You've asked for it, so VW inaugurates the dreaded "Double Dog Dare"--a new, occasional department wherein two critics challenge one another with contrasting opinions of a single film! In this round, Richard Harland Smith and Kim Newman beg to differ about Brian Yuzna's SOCIETY!


Our resident mythologists, Rebecca & Sam Umland, turn their attentions to the first installment of what promises to become the greatest fantasy film series of all time: Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS!

Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks

This month, Joe screens: Beryl Reid and Flora Robson care for THE BEAST IN THE CELLAR... Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Barbara Steele form THE CRIMSON CULT... Ken Russell raises Hell in THE DEVILS... bullets fly in the Spaghetti Western GOD FORGIVES--I DON'T... the world hears again from Fu Manchu (Christopher Lee) in KISS AND KILL... and Oliver Reed and Alan Bates introduce full frontal male nudity to the screen in WOMEN IN LOVE!


The Spaghetti Westerns DAY OF ANGER and BOOT HILL... Laura Gemser horses around in Joe D'Amato's notorious EMANUELLE IN AMERICA... Michael Myers returns from the grave in HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION... the strangely named Dr. Ood embarks on even stranger experiments in THE HEAD... Richard Carlson puts a positive face in extraterrestrial invasion in IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE... An animated Boris Karloff puppet hosts MAD MONSTER PARTY?... Douglas Fairbanks Sr. swashes buckles in THE MARK OF ZORRO, DON Q, SON OF ZORRO and THE IRON MASK... Something Weird Video delves into unholy, unclothed rituals in the Double Feature DVD THE NAKED WITCH / CRYPT OF DARK SECRETS... the Japanese tackle a banned masterpiece of Chinese erotica in THE NOTORIOUS CONCUBINES... three different versions of the same basic footage are compared in our review of Image Entertainment's RAIDERS OF THE LIVING DEAD... Joe Turkel hires bikers to snare two teenage girls in a SAVAGE ABDUCTION... Michael Gambon and Dennis Potter extend the creative boundaries of the TV miniseries in THE SINGING DETECTIVE... and All Day Entertainment rescues from oblivion the rare British thriller WANTED FOR MURDER!

Plus: Kim Newman examines the new Region 2 DVD release of the classic Hammer science fiction thriller, THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT!

Audio Watchdog

Douglas E. Winter calculates the listenability of the soundtrack CDs of OPEN YOUR EYES, THE THIN BLUE LINE, FEAR NO EVIL, GACY and AUTO FOCUS!

Biblio Watchdog

Anthony Ambrogio delves into the long-awaited FORGOTTEN HORRORS 3: DR. TURNER'S HOUSE OF HORRORS By Michael H. Price and John Wooley, with George E. Turner!


A look at the Pros and Cons on the new D-VHS format in "Watchdog News" and (believe it or not) much, much more... including, as you can see, an absolutely eye-popping cover illustration by VW's own Charlie Largent!

Other writers featured in this issue: John Charles, Bill Cooke, Shane M. Dallmann and Tim Lucas and Richard Harland Smith.