Painting by Richard Harrison Green featuring Bob Burns unmasked!

Richard: "The painting for Bob Burns was done after seeing a picture of him with Ray Harryhausen (one of my heroes) and the Kong armature. I have enjoyed Bob on the Ghost Busters television show. His gorilla work is the best. The idea just popped into my head, and seemed like it would be fun to do. Bob has done so much to preserve the great work of classic hollywood. The painting was just pure fun for me, and I am glad he liked it."

Richard Harrison Green graduated from the Ringling School of Art with a degree in book cover illustration. He worked on "Lumiere the Candle" in Walt Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Previously working as an illustrator, special designer for Coke, Maganavox, Philco and many different banks and car dealers, he's now doing fine art painting in oil and acrylic and has started to do fantasy art again. Coming soon from Richard: art based on Mario Bava's BLACK SUNDAY!