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Signature Edition #2!

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If I subscribe to VIDEO WATCHDOG, will I get the Signature Edition too?

Sorry, no. The Signature Edition is a limited variant edition of VW 137 and priced accordingly. You will receive the regular edition of VW 137, as long as it is covered by your subscription. The Signature Edition is offered as a separate item.

What's the difference between the Shipping methods?

First Class and Air Mail copies will be shipped in our usual heavy First Class mailers; the transit time is usually about 3-7 days, or 7-10 days for outside USA. Priority Mail issues will be double-packed in the cardboard mailer and an additional Priority Mail envelope. Priority and Global Priority shipments should arrive in about 3 days for USA, or 1 week outside the USA.

May I order more than one copy?

Of course! Order some for yourself, or as gifts for friends! Due to the unique and limited nature of this offer, we cannot offer discounts on multiple copies.

What methods of payment are available?

We accept VISA, MasterCard or Paypal over the Internet, and purchases by check or money order can be sent to Video Watchdog, PO Box 5283, Cincinnati OH 45205-0283. If you send well-wrapped cash, we will let you know right away by mail or email if it arrived safely.

The Autograph

Can the Autograph be personalized?

We cannot offer personalizations. Ann Carter will be signing all 200 copies when they return from the printer and they will be available for shipping March 3, 2008.

Can I request to have my Subscription copy or other items signed by Ann?

No, this offer is good only for the Signature Edition. No copies of the Signature Edition will be made available without Ann's signature, and nothing else will be forwarded to Ann for her signature.

Is that Ann's real autograph on the cover of the Signature Edition shown above?

Yes... and no. Ann was kind enough to send us his signature and we superimposed it on the cover of this issue. The Signature Edition has not been printed with a signature of any kind. Ann has supplied her own! The signature on the copy you order will be unique!

Do you have plans for more Signature Editions?

Video Watchdog has some terrific celebrity interviews in the pipeline, and if the opportunity presents itself, we certainly do hope to offer more! We're very excited about the possibilities!

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