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The Claw!

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It's Fast! Fun!
Magnetized and completely safe!

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The Claw - USA
Only $8

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The Claw - Outside USA
Only $14

Free Shipping!

The Claw works great! What a boon to mankind! – Gary M. Schmidt

The Claw rips through shrink-wrap and security labels in one clean swipe! Use it to slice through cellophane on DVDs, CDs, blank tapes and discs – any product with shrink-wrap! It also carves through single layers of paper or labels – ideal for coupon cutting! Yet The Claw is absolutely safe and will not cut skin.

"I just got my VW Claw. That thing RULES!" – Mark Sieber

The Claw's secret is a little ceramic nub near its tip. Just hold the ergonomically shaped Claw flat against the top of the DVD case, fit its nub into the groove and drag from edge to edge, applying medium pressure. Peel off the cellophane, pop open the case and you're ready to watch a movie! Peel off any label stickers from the inside-out – it's much easier than from outside-in!

Magnetized for convenient and ready display, The Claw is more than just a novelty – it's an essential accessory for anyone who buys or collects DVDs or CDs. Packaged in a whimsical mouse-like display tray, The Claw also makes a great gift and is a perfect stocking-stuffer for the holidays!

Once you use it, you'll agree: The Claw is the Law!


Vayda opened all of her birthday parcels using The Claw!

"Just wanted to let you know that The Claw has been very useful to us this holiday season with all the video games and CDs that needed to be opened. Thanks for making opening easy!" – Barb Harding

"The Claw works brilliantly! Thanks so much. I was going to attach it to the frig, but Becky insisted it stay within the "mouse" box design–she loved the packaging. So, every time we use it, we'll have to remove it from the box." – Sam Umland

"When I first pulled it out of the box and saw no blade, I kept trying to pry the tip portion open. Luckily I didn't damage the adorable little thing! I look forward to one day opening a copy of THE GIANT CLAW with my not-so Giant Claw!" – Bill Cooke

It's not at all like the old opener I have which is bigger, more plasticky and has two grooves for CDs and DVDs. The Claw works much better, actually slicing through the shrink wrap and the security labels, which the old device had trouble doing (I was grateful for any help). I wish I had more unopened DVDs here! Well, I'll just have to buy more. Barbara will understand." – Richard Harland Smith

"I used to dread opening DVDs, but after opening one with The Claw (in less than 10 seconds) I couldn't stop! I opened a backlog of DVDs – 50 of them – in no time at all! What used to be drudgery is now fun! I will never open another DVD without The Claw!"
–Donna Lucas