Why Digital?

Video Watchdog is no longer being printed and distributed to retailers and subscribers worldwide. When the print issues run out, they will not be reprinted. But the digital versions will always be in print.

Here are just a few of the benefits that come with digital publishing:


The Price is Right! Digital is easily downloadable, and with our crazy business plan, each new issue is absolutely free while it is new! Now we can introduce unlimited numbers of film and home video lovers into our pages, instantly and without cost, removing all price and distribution barriers between the reader, our product and its message.

Searchable! Each Digital Edition is fully searchable so readers can find what they need quickly. Once the complete VW Digital Archive is unveiled, our Flash version will also allow you to search across all editions, through hundreds of articles and thousands of reviews!

Bonus Content! While our print edition is limited to 80 pages, a digital Watchdog is limitless! It can include exclusive bonus content extended articles, additional reviews, and more advertising than we can accommodate in print at a fraction of the cost. We can also add to our back issues over time, and your copies will be automatically updated reinvigorating 27 years of material into a living, growing, active body of work!

Interactive! Face it. Digital is cool! Click and watch a film clip, see pictures morph into each other in a slide show, tap thumbnail graphics to see extra stills, play music, and see your own video letters appear in our pages! Now you can interact with Video Watchdog like you never have before!

Portable & Space-saving! Read or play the issues anywhere, with or without an internet connection. You can choose to download the video content or stream it later to save space. We estimate 186 issues to be under 10 gig when streamed. Run out of space? Delete and download again any time. It's in the cloud.

Beautiful! It's a real pleasure to see the editions on a big computer monitor but we think you'll love it on a tablet. Zoom in or out, change to portrait or landscape, highlight text, mark your place with bookmarks, and scroll through thumbnail views to find your pages. The photos are high resolution, too. But best of all, it still looks exactly like the print version!


See VIDEO WATCHDOG come alive now!

What are Joe Dante, John Landis, Ernest Dickerson, Leonard Maltin and Robert Tinnell so excited about?

Video Watchdog launched its first Digital Edition with issue #175 in October 2013 and the response from around the world has been amazing! Check out the current issue! It's free! See what all the excitement's about!


Tim and Donna Lucas, Editor and Publisher of Video Watchdog, with a selection of the 186 back issues included in the Digital Archive. This project was funded by readers through Indiegogo!


Video Watchdog Magazine has held true to its description as "The Perfectionist's Guide to Fantastic Video" since its first issue appeared on newsstands in June of 1990. It started out as a column written by critic Tim Lucas for three other magazines Video Times, Overview and Gorezone before becoming a publication in its own right. It was in these columns that Tim "pretty much invented video reviewing as a genre distinct from movie reviewing," according to New York Times critic Dave Kehr.

The magazine was conceived by Tim's wife Donna, then a computer software specialist and instructor with a background in graphic design. Though Video Watchdog is most identified with Tim's eye for alternative versions, missing scenes and other movie minutiae, Donna wears every corporate hat that he doesn't. Every one of its 175 issues, two Signature Editions and two Special Editions, and Tim's acclaimed mammoth biography Mario Bava All the Colors of the Dark has been designed, published and shipped by Donna out of their Cincinnati home.

Each glossy, 80-page issue of Video Watchdog boasts articles and reviews written by the field's most noted critics, authors, thinkers and educators. In its nearly quarter-century history, Video Watchdog has won the acclaim of such filmmakers as Martin Scorsese, Guillermo del Toro, and Quentin Tarantino, as well as those other distinguished gentlemen featured in our video above. It has also become the most awarded publishing imprint of its kind, recognized with the International Horror Guild Award, the Independent Book Publishers Award, the Saturn Award for Special Achievement, and a record-number 15 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award wins, including Tim and Donna's 2010 induction into the Monster Kid Hall of Fame.

This is the legacy we are making digitally available to everyone.

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